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Can we talk about how in RVB:

  • The pervert is the best soldier, and makes for a decent father
  • The lazy one is the cleverest on his team
  • The pacifist is the most mentally strong
  • The stupid one has a habit of getting it right
  • The flamboyant one has the most dangerous throwing arm
  • The senile one understands his team the best
  • The angry one cares the most

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neptune sticking up for sun as kids when others tease him about his tail.

neptune refusing to shop at the corner store because they won’t let sun through the front door. 

neptune thinking sun’s tail is super awesome and he wants one too.

neptune asking about sun’s heritage and his family and everything he can.

neptune giving others the smack down the second someone tries to talk shit about the faunus race. 

neptune being a supportive best friend.


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I bet Neptune’s the kind of guy who loses his goggles while they’re on his forehead.
I bet Sun’s the kind of guy to see they’re on his forehead and recommend he look for them in increasingly ridiculous places.
“Dude… why would they be in the toilet?”
“The only way to know if they’re not in the toilet is to check the toilet and not find them there!”

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